We bought our daughters the pink and medieval princess dresses while on holiday in Spain about 3 years ago. They became such favorites that I soon googled the brand and found the peach and blue angel wing ones and bought larger nightgowns for the girls because they were wearing out the princess dressses. 3.5 years later, they have worn them to holey bits and insist on continuing to wear them even though they are thoroughly worn out. I wish you would make them for bigger than a 7-8, for I will be ordering them again, but they are already at that size and we would really like to have them for larger too. They insist on only wearing nightgowns, and it is difficult to find such good quality and durability in nightgowns for little girls. And I mean durable! They wear their gowns about 4 times a week! They insist on wearing the smallest one, even though it has holes ripped through and it's too short anymore. They are simply perfect. I wish you would create more in your line of gowns for girls - as much as you have for the boys :-)
Great value and quality, delivered my order very quickly. My boys loved their costumes.
We got our son the knight's outfit from Canterbury Cathedral Shop in 2009. He loved it so much we had to buy one in each design. They are still wearing well and his little brother wears them now. They are super soft and perfect for bedtime and fancy dress parties. Thank-you
My boy loves his outfit and wears it everyday. Now his cousins want some as well.
Thank you so much for making great play/sleepwear. My son is 4 years old , and last year his grandparents bought him the Soldier pyjamas, which he wants to wear All the time. Now his granny has come home from a trip to Hampton Court with a pair of St George pjs, and it’s exactly the same . He loves them and it is just fantastic . keep up the GOOD WORK!
I've bought so many sets of these PJ's for nieces and nephews and they keep asking for more. Birthdays and Christmas it's almost a given now. Fantastic designs, as well as washing and ironing beautifully....
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....a must for any angel in your life, these nighties are gorgeous. It helps that they wash so well too! More designs, please!
I love my handyman pj and I always wear it, thank you
After 8 years of constant use our boys have out grown these fabulous PJs ! Thank you from Australia
We LOVE all your stuff - thanks! My son has over the years had the pirate, gentleman, Welsh knight, cowboy, indian and guardsman pyjamas, and my little girl is just reaching the age when she can have some of her own. They get used for dresssing up, messing around, piano lessons etc. Love the new web site - hope you continue to go from strength to strength.

Just wanted to say how delighted our granddaughter is by your princess dress. Lovely quality, easy to wash, no ironing AND she looked lovely at a Knights and Princesses Day at Bolsover Castle!

Thank you!
I bought your "Princess dress"when I was in Cornwall a month ago in Mount St Michael shop. I just gave it to my friends daughter for her birthday. She loves it her mum loves it and I love it. She was playing in it all afternoon. It didn't scratch her skin like the synthetic ones. The cotton is thick, patern and print very well done. Super. I'm sure it will last and it's washable T and the synthetic ones are not. Good job. Ideas: animals like cat, insects like ladybird
Fantastic quality, my little son loves the pyjama and insist to wear this all the time - love all your designs!
Thanks so much for your excellent mail order service, your website is so easy to use and the pj's arrived here on the other side of the world so quickly with no hassles at all. We bought some Knight pj's on a holiday in the UK a couple of years ago and my son cried when the sad day finally came and they no longer fitted. He brought them downstairs all folded with huge tears. My only offer of consolation to him was 'let's google what's on the tag mate'. Low and behold a few short weeks later he was wearing a bigger pair. They are his absolute favourites, thanks guys, great job, great product and great customer service
We've been so pleased with these jammies we're happy to share our great experience with everyone! 2 years ago on holiday in London I bought the Knight of England pyjamas for my daughter who is seriously into knights. She LOVES them and wears them all the time. They are her most favourite and I have been so impressed with their quality and we loves how soft and comfortable they are. Thank you for such a great product!
My daughter got these for Christmas from her auntie, I just had to come on and say what a fabulous present.... I will absolutely be purchasing more for her.
love it!
We bought the pink princess for my daughter and the Scottish Knight for my son in Dinan, France on holiday last summer. My son (6yrs) wore his for Halloween. At Christmas we ordered another set because we and the kids love them so much. I would suggest larger sizes and more princess and knight designs. My daughter would wear only this if she had a choice and it’s a great way to get kids into pajamas when company's over!!