Our mission is to make bedtime fun & daytime exciting for active and imaginary kids.

Play’n’wear nightwear collection is made to inspire your children’s creativity and imagination - as a pirate on the seven seas or a princess waiting for the prince on the white horse, an astronaut in a spaceship on the way to the moon or a policeman protecting house and family, you name it.

Ideal for active educational roleplay & pretend game, nightwear & leisure time - as well as for fancy dress parties and other children's events - it is going to be fun day and night !!!

And there are lot of great benefit of pretend play for kids - it encourage creativity and allows kids to reflect what they experience in the world around them, develop social relationships through play & encourages cooperation and conflict resolution, motor skills, brain building, emotional development, the list is endless.

At the same time Play’n’wear pyjamas & nighties make bedtime fun - kids love to dress up and now they can also dress up for the night - and even better, your little ones can have fun all day in these imaginative costume pyjamas & nighties and be dressed for the night when the time comes.

Our nightwear is machine washable over and over again, lasting for generations - All-over printed in amazing colors with incredible details - Produced in compliance with general standards and regulation.

We hope you like and will benefit from our unique nightwear sets.

With best regards

Søren Bruun